PCR Workstations

In the C.B.S. PCR Workstation a UV germicidal lamp destroys DNA contaminants while limiting exposure of experimental set-up to open lab environment. The PCR workstation is designed to protect against contamination in sensitive PCR amplification reactions by irradiating the work area with UV prior to use and by protecting against airborne and cross contamination. The 12-hour countdown timer attached to UV germicidal lamp conveniently controls PCR decontamination.

To decontaminate, the work area is irradiated with the doors closed prior to and just after use. The acrylic, non-ventilated PCR Workstation is 24D x 24H" and is available in widths of 30", 36" (single door), and 48" (double door). Units with dual UV bulbs are recommended to decontaminate apparatus and reagents.

The workstation includes an acid-resistant, black formica work surface, tempered safety glass, duplex electrical outlet and two fluorescent lamps for visibility. It also includes UV germicidal lamp (254 nm) with 12-hour timer with time hold position, and single or double door closure.

Key Features

•The germicidal lamp destroys contaminants.
•A 12-hour countdown timer controls PCR decontamination.
•The device irradiates work area prior to use

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