Eppendorf Advantage Promotion- PCR Tubes & Tube Strips

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Save 25% off list price with the Eppendorf Advantage Promotion for select PCR Tubes & Strip Tubes!

Consumables make a huge difference in the quality and reproducibility of your PCR results. Wall-thickness, thermal conductivity, mechanical stability, and other technical characteristics will have a direct impact on your experiment and subsequently your results.

Eppendorf offers premium polypropylene PCR tubes and tube strips. Combined with having high quality material and thin tube walls, Eppendorf PCR consumables offer optimal heat transfer and high tube-to-tube consistency.

Individual PCR tubes are available in 0.2mL and 0.5mL. PCR tube strips are strips of 8 tubes and are available in 0.1mL and 0.2mL. Additionally, the 0.1mL tubes come with either domed or flat cap-strips.

Promotion is valid until 12/31/17
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Cat # Description Volume Purity Additional Features Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
PCR Tubes w/ Domed Lid, Clear 0.2 mL PCR Clean
  • Packaging: 1000 Individual Pieces
  • $126.95
PCR Tubes w/ Flat Lid, Clear 0.5 mL PCR Clean
  • Packaging: 500 Individual Pieces
  • $63.95
PCR Tube Strips w/ Cap Strips, Domed 0.1 mL PCR Clean
  • Packaging: 10 bags x 12 strips
  • $163.95
PCR Tube Strips w/ Cap Strips, Flat 0.1 mL PCR Clean
  • Packaging: 10 bags x 12 strips
  • $168.95
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