Pall Nucleic Acid Binding Nanosep Centrifugal Device

Pall Nucleic Acid Binding (NAB) Nanosep Centrifugal Device incorporates a dual layer silica-based quartz glass fiber media to allow for efficient binding of DNA and RNA, while providing smooth flow and rapid processing of samples. This media offers researchers the flexibility to purify plasmid DNA, genomic DNA, or total RNA form a variety of starting materials: a single column for multiple applications. The new NAB Nanosep device offers flexibility without sacrificing on quantity or quality of the nucleic acid. The Pall NAB Nanosep device is a multipurpose centrifugal device providing flexibility in applications, supported by comprehensive protocols for sample processing.

Key Features

  • Rapid processing of sample
  • Silica-based quartz glass fiber media that allows efficient binding of DNA and RNA
  • Constructed of low-binding polypropylene
  • Ultrasonically welded seals prevent bypass or seal failure
  • Fits standard centrifuge rotors that accept 1.5mL tubes

Specifications for Pall Nucleic Acid Binding Nanosep Centrifugal Device
Materials of Construction
Dual Filter Media: Binder-free, silica-based glass fiber
Housing: Polypropylene
Effective Filtration Area 0.28 cm2
Sample Volume Up to 100 µL
Overall length (fully assembled) 45 mm
Column Insert Height 23 mm
Overall Temperature Range 15 - 30°C
Max. Centrifugal Force 14,000 x g
Minimum Elution Vol. 40 µL
Base Pair Binding from 50 bp
Binding Capacity, up to 160 µg pure RNA, 69 µg pure genomic DNA, 11.5 µg pure plasmid DNA
Item Packaging Sample Volume Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Pack of 100 50 to 500 μL Pack of 100
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Pack of 24 50 to 500 μL Pack of 24
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