Orbitron Rotators I

Boekel Orbitron Rotators I provide gentle, low-foaming agitation and uniform mixing of test tubes, dishes and flasks. Choose fixed or adjustable speed/tilt models. The rugged steel platform does include notches for bungee cords if desired (not included). Choose from two models:

Orbitron™ I fixed angle rotator EF21385A accepts many different sizes of tubes with no need for racks or clamps. It includes a 12" by 12" tray and dimpled mat.

Orbitron™ II variable angle rotator can be set to vary rotation from 6 to 23 orbits per minute, making it suitable for dishes or other vessels in addition to tubes. It includes a 12" by 12" tray two nonslip mats: one flat and one dimpled.

Each unit includes a 3-wire grounded cord/plug for 120 VAC that can be passed through most incubator door gaskets. UL, CSA and CE approved.

Key Features

  • Ideal for immunoassays, hybridization or mixing blood samples
  • Can be used in incubators or cold rooms
  • 2-year warranty

Specifications for Boekel Orbitron I™ and Orbitron II™ Rotators
 Model: Orbitron™ I Fixed Rotator Orbitron™ II Adjustable Rotator
Temperature: 4 to 65ºC 4 to 40ºC
Speed: Fixed approx. 20 orbits/min. Variable 6-23 orbits/min.
Tilt Angle: Fixed 23º Variable 0-23º
Load Limit: 2.25 lb. (1 kg) 2.25 lb. (1 kg)
Platform Dimensions (WxH): 12" x 12" 12" x 12"
Overall Dimensions (WxHxD): 12" x 10" x 12" 12" x 10" x 12"
Power Requirements: 115 VAC; 50/60Hz, 6 watts, 0.5 amps 115 VAC; 50/60Hz, 6 watts, 0.5 amps
Shpg. Wt.: 10 lb. 12 lb.

Item Attribute Description Model Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Adjustable 0-20 rpm/0-21° tilt Orbitron™ II Each
In Stock
Fixed 20 rpm/24° tilt Orbitron™ I Each
In Stock

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