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Nest Scientific Vacuum Filter Units

Nest Scientific Vacuum Filter Units is used in tissue culture media and biological fluids for separation and purification of large volume samples. The whole set includes membrane diaphragm, a gradual, transparent polystyrene funnel connected to a receiving bottle by a connector. The disposable vacuum filter utilizes a vacuum pump to provides pressure differentials for processing large volume of tissue culture fluids and other laboratory fluid solutions and the volume of processed sample could be up to several liters. The filtered samples can be stored directly in the sterile collection bottles.

Key Features

  • High flow rates and high throughput
  • Precise graduations on the bottle wall
  • PES membrane material with a pore density of 0.22µm
  • Volume choice of 250mL, 500mL, or 1000mL
  • Low protein binding
  • Gamma-ray sterilization
  • Design of hose connector is adaptable to various hose diameters
  • Light weight and firm outer wall structure, easy to grasp

Item Membrane Pore Size Capacity Price Purchase
PES 0.22 µm 500mL
11 In Stock 11 In Stock
PES 0.22 µm 250mL
17 In Stock 17 In Stock
PES 0.22 µm 1000mL
37 In Stock 37 In Stock

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