Nest Scientific Non-Treated Cell Culture Flasks

From $8.95

Nest Scientific Non-Treated Cell Culture Flasks are made of high clarity, 100% virgin polystyrene with frosted writing and clear graduations. Choose from vent caps or plug caps.

Key Features

  • Stackable
  • Sterilized by E-Beam
  • High-clarity, 100% virgin polystyrene
  • Frosted writing and clear graduations
  • Clear lot number for batch traceability
  • Packaged in zip bags
  • Non-pyrogenic, DNase/RNase free
  • Vented caps have a 0.22µm hydrophobic filters to ensure gas exchange without contamination
  • Yellow caps to differentiate from the Tissue Culture Treated Flasks
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Cat # Culture Area Cap Style Unit of Measure Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
75cm2 Plug Pack of 5
  • $8.95
25cm2 Vent Pack of 10
  • $8.95
75cm2 Vent Pack of 5
  • $8.95
25cm2 Plug Pack of 10
  • $8.95
175cm2 Plug Pack of 5
  • $15.95
225cm2 Vent Pack of 5
  • $23.95
175cm2 Vent Pack of 5
  • $15.95
225cm2 Plug Pack of 5
  • $20.95
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