The Scientific Industries Mini-Orbital Genies feature 300 RPM variable speed with ultra high torque, a super compact design, and durable housing. Choose from 3 model designs to best fit your laboratory-

Mini Orbital-Genie Universal Ratcheting Clamps provides the flexibility for using a mix of different size and shape vessels on a single platform.

Mini Orbital-Genie for Standard Flask Clamps is equipped with a platform for accepting various size flasks or beakers. Clamps sold separately.

Mini Orbital-Genie with Adhering Mat provides a flat platform with adhering rubber mat perfect for use with open containers. Patented material is naturally adhering. Rinse clean to renew adhering properties.

Key Features

  • Create any mixing action from a smooth vortex to sloshing aeration or anything in between
  • Variable shaking speed up to 300  RPM
  • Combination of weight and specifically designed feet prevent walking even at highest speed
  • Ideal for gentle shaking of odd shaped vessels and containers
  • Shaker is ready to use as supplied - no additional holders or accessories necessary
  • Choose from Ratcheting Clamps, Flask Clamps, or Adhering Mat models
Specifications for Scientific Industries Mini-300 Orbital-Genie
Speed (RPM) 35-300
Orbit 19mm
Weight 10.25 Kg (22.6 lbs)
Dimensions 14" x 14"
Platform 12" x 12"
Platform Weight Capacity 3 Kg (6.6lbs)
Markings CE

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Cat # Model Voltage Plug Type Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
Ratcheting Clamp Model 120V US Standard
  • $1,406.95
Ratcheting Clamp Model 230V No Plug
  • $1,406.95
Ratcheting Clamp Model 230V European Plug
  • $1,406.95
Ratcheting Clamp Model 230V British Plug
  • $1,406.95
Flask Clamp Model 120V US Standard
  • $1,297.95
Flask Clamp Model 230V No Plug
  • $1,297.95
Flask Clamp Model 230V European Plug
  • $1,297.95
Flask Clamp Model 230V British Plug
  • $1,297.95
Adhering Mat Model 120V US Standard
  • $1,351.95
Adhering Mat Model 230V No Plug
  • $1,351.95
Adhering Mat Model 230V European Plug
  • $1,351.95
Adhering Mat Model 230V British Plug
  • $1,351.95
Cat # Description Unit Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
500 mL Flask Clamp
  • $44.95
Adhering Mat, Blue, 18" x 18"
  • $113.95
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