Lens & Bibulous Paper Books

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These Lens & Bibulous Paper Books are a convenient way to always have lens or bibulous paper handy. 4" x 6" paper sheets are bound in books of 50 – just tear out to use. Choose from Lens Paper or Bibulous Paper:

Lens Paper is used to clean lenses without abrasion. Fine lens paper is Type 1, Class 1, Lintless Lens paper is used to clean lenses without abrasion.

Bibulous Paper is used to absorb dyes. The bibulous paper is high quality, low linting, and low shedding, which is ideal for drying microscope slides.

Key Features

  • Highest quality, lint-free long fiber papers
  • Choose from Lens or Bibulous Paper Books
  • 4"x6" paper sheets bound in books of 50
  • Convenient way to have paper handy
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Lens paper book
  • $17.95
Bibulous paper book
  • $64.95
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