Mettler Toledo Easy Bev Refractometer

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The Mettler Toledo Easy Bev Refractometer offers everything needed for daily routine applications: fast measurements, intuitive app-based user interface, and minimal operator dependency. With a vertical design and a sampling funnel, the Easy Bev refractometer simplifies workflows. The throughput is maximized while minimizing sedimentation on the prism when measuring samples such as juices. Instrument set up is simplified, allowing first measurements within minutes: the intuitive app-based user interface minimizes user training and the integrated user guidance prevents operator errors. Routine measurements are simplified, and acceptable samples are instantly identified by setting up a range of tolerable limits. The color-coded results allow the user to immediately recognize if a measurement is within limits. SimpleCheck™ sucrose solutions for Brix performance verification ensure reliable results. The SimpleCheck™ embedded workflow guides operators through the instruments’ performance verification.

Key Features

  • Fast and reliable temperature control (can be turned off for instant results)
  • LongClick™ - press and hold the home screen to start routine analyses in 1 second
  • SimpleCheck™ certified standards
  • EasyDirect PC software for efficient data management
Specifications for Mettler Toledo EasyPlus Refractometers Easy Bev
Refractive Index (nD)Measuring range1.32-1.58
Brix (% w / w)Measuring range0-100
Temperature (°C)Temperature range15-25 (59-77 °F)
 Temperature controlYes2)
Measurment scalesIntegrated concentration tables andRefractive index, Brix, Brix compensated 20 ºC, Inverted sugar, HFCS 42 / 55, Oechsle
Number of methods 6
Internal results storage 203)
Result export To USB stick (.csv)
Color-coded results identification Yes
SimpleCheck™ standards Yes
Barcode reader connectivity Yes
On-screen help text Yes
Languages English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Bahasa Indonesia,
  Korean, Polish, Thai, Turkish
Display 4.3" Capacitive touch screen
Connectivity 3 × USB-A (keyboard, mouse, barcode reader, printer)
  1 × USB-B (EasyDirect PC Software)
PC Software EasyDirect Density and Refractometry PC Software
  (installation on a single PC, connect up to 3 density meters and /or refractometers)
Minimal sample volume Approx. 6 mL
Instrument dimensions (W × H × D) (mm) 215 × 385 × 200
  (8.4 × 15.1 × 7.8 inches)
Service Professional Installation (StarterPac)
  Professional calibration
Standard compliance
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Easy Bev Refractometer
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