Mettler Toledo SmartChemical Reader

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SmartChemical Reader
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Mettler Toledo SmartChemical Reader provides error-free transfer from chemicals to titrator by automatically transfer their identifying data to the titrator. Data-loaded RFID Smart Tags embedded in reagent bottle label communicate wirelessly with a dedicated SmartReader attachment on Mettler Toledo Compact & Excellence line titrators. A brief contactless touch of reagent bottles to the reader instantly and securely registers all relevant titration chemical data: reagent dame, lot/batch number, concentration, and shelf life/expiration.

SmartChemicals equipped titrators are compatible with a broad range of commercially available titration chemicals including volumetric solutions and corresponding volumetric standards – also those meeting European and United States pharmacopoeia quality standards – and Karl Fischer reagents and solvents.

When connected to LabX® PC software, SmartChemicals support best practice data integrity workflows in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 across pharmaceutical, chemical, specialty chemical, food & beverage, cosmetics, and related industries.

The easily integrated SmartChemicals system demonstrates a best practice data integrity solution for information transfer from titrant to titrator. Titration results are always complemented with error-free information – ensuring full data traceability win and electronic audit trail.

Key Features

  • A simple contactless touch of the reagent bottles to a dedicated SmartReader on select Mettler Toledo titrators instantly transfers all relevant information
  • Information transferred includes: Reagent Name, Lot/Batch number, Concentration, Shelf life/open date/expiration
  • Eliminates all errors and extra time required for manual transcription
  • Available on Mettler Toledo Compact & Excellence titrator lines