Mettler Toledo One Click Excellence Refractometers

The Mettler Toledo One Click Excellence Refractometers was developed for a wide range of applications and will measure almost any sample. With measurements up to five decimal places, intuitive operation, and a modular workflow, you can easily terminate inaccuracy and generate repeatable, accurate results.

The large touchscreen terminal with the intuitive One Click user interface minimizes training and operator influence. Simply press on the pre-programmed shortcut to run the analysis. The instrument status light will show if it is ready, busy, or waiting for operator interaction. Receive immediate QC results by simply setting up a range of acceptable limits for the sample: results that fall within this range are color-coded, enabling instant identification of accepted and rejected samples.

Refractive index and density are frequently determined for the same sample. This space saving system enables you to combine a density meter (sold separately) with a refractive index cell to measure both parameters in one go!

Save time and increase data quality - Excellence Refractive Index cells can be added to a multiparameter system that combines refractive index measurements with density, pH, color, titration, and more to prevent the alteration of samples between individual analyses. Increase throughput and automate the workflow while ensuring that all steps are performed the same way each time.

Key Features

  • Accurate and reliable results up to 5 decimals
  • One Click operation
  • Immediate QC results color-coded for instant identification
  • Seamless modularity

Item Range Attribute Description Price Purchase
Refractive Index: 1.32-1.74 Brix: 0-100 Temperature: 5°-100°C Refractometer Excellence R4
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Refractive Index: 1.32-1.58 Brix: 0-100 Temperature: 5°-75°C Refractometer Excellence R5
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