Mettler Toledo Easy EPM Titrator

Mettler Toledo Easy EPM Titrator simplifies and speeds up manual titration, standard preparation, and dispensing tasks in every laboratory. The simple user interface reduces familiarization time while increasing work speed and simplicity. iTitrate Intelligence’s guided set-up assists in method programming to ensure samples are tested consistently, regardless or operator, and with minimal effort. Automatically export your results to a USB flash drive or print them directly using a USB printer.

With a choice of aqueous and non-aqueous pH electrodes the Easy EPM is ideal for the following applications:

  • Acid content of juices, wines, and milk
  • Alkalinity of cleaning agents and chemicals
  • Free fatty acid content of cooking oils
  • Alkalinity (m-value) and acidity (p-value) of water

Perform precise titrations with the automated burette and immersed dispensing tip avowing drop to drop variations. An optional pH sensor can guide can guide you through manual titrations, minimizing the risk of over titration. Designed for simplicity, the Easy EP starts routine analysis with a tap on the home screen. The user interface speaks 15 different languages. Easily perform analysis with using either the touchscreen, or with the new responsive USB wheel controller. The wheel synchronizes effortless with the 4.3-inch touchscreen, offering exact control and a comfortable operation.

Key Features

  • Precise manual titrations with the automated burette
  • An immersed dispensing tip further increases the precision, avoiding drop to drop variations
  • Variety of calculations are already pre-programmed helping to avoid error-prone manual calculations
  • Export results to a USB flash drive or print directly with a USB printer
  • Perform titrations using the touchscreen or with the new responsive USB wheel controller allowing exact control and comfortable operation
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