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BD BBL Stains and Reagents have set the quality standard in labs for more than 100 years. Choose from the following:

Four-Step Gram Stain Kit EF1308 is ideal for categorizing bacteria. Kit includes convenient work tray, stain resistant labels, and one 250 mL bottle of each of the following: gram crystal violet solution, gram iodine diluent with iodine concentrate, gram decolorizing solution, and gram safranin solution.

Four-Step Gram Stain Kit with Isopropyl Decolorizer EF1309 contains the same ingredients as EF1308, but includes an isopropyl decolorizer instead of the gram decolorizing solution.

Bulk Reagents come in space-saving one-gallon containers. All reagents feature hinged “keep-clean” cap/spout, which opens and closes easily to allow the user to regulate the flow.

Key Features

  • “Keep clean” spout for mess-free dispensing
  • Includes convenient work tray
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Cat # Stains and Reagents Type Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
TB Carbolfuchsin ZN Pack of 4 Acid Fast Stain
  • $246.95
Gram Crystal Violent Solution, 1 gal Bulk Reagents
  • $162.95
Gram Decolorizer Solution, 1 gal Bulk Reagents
  • $161.95
Gram Safranin, 1 gal Bulk Reagents
  • $154.95
Four-Step Gram Stain Kit EACH Stain Kit
  • $74.95
Stabalized Gram Iodine, 1 gal Bulk Reagents
  • $207.95
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