Lipsol Detergent Concentrate

Detergent Concentrate is a non-corrosive, fully biodegradable liquid cleaner. It’s a highly alkaline mixture of detergent, surfactant, and chelating agent. Use it to remove most types of contamination, either by soaking or in an ultrasonic bath. Lipsol is classified as a non-corrosive. 

Concentrated detergent is provided in a 5 L bottle.

Note: Lipsol is not suitable for use with non-ferrous metals (including aluminum or zinc) or with polycarbonate plastic. It should also not be used in dishwashers. 

Key Features

  • Phosphate-, enzyme-, and bleach-free
  • For glassware, ceramic, rubber, rubber, stainless steel, and ferrous metals
  • Excellent as a presoak or in ultrasonic baths

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Lipsol Detergent Concentrate Case of 2
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