The BD Lancets have a quick, one-step blade activation. These lancets only activate when positioned and pressed against the skin. The design of the B-D Genie Lancets not only facilitates consistent puncture depth for easier sampling, but also minimizes the possibility of device activation when not in contact with the skin.

The ergonomic design of these lancets features a more comfortable grip, which consequently is easier to hold during the puncture. In addition, the grip minimizes slippage, providing greater confidence when using the product.

The B-D Genie Lancets cover only a small area at contact point, improving the visibility of the punctured site. Furthermore, these lancets feature greater accuracy of lancet positioning when performing the procedure.

The intuitive, simple procedure reduces training time as the lancet activates in one step. Puncture depth is independent of the clinician’s technique.

These lancets promote safety with fast, precise and consistent punctures. The careful design eliminates the possibility of contamination by ensuring that the product can only be used once. Moreover, the automatic retraction of the lancet into the device reduces the possibility of injury.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design for user comfort
  • Activates on contact, increasing puncture accuracy
  • Simple procedure
  • Promotes clinician and patient safety

Item Blade WxD- mm Blood Flow Holder Color Unit of Measure Price Purchase
1.5 x 2.0 Contact-Activated lancet High Blue Case of 2000
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30G x 1.5 (model is a needle lancet with a 30G needle and 1.5mm depth) Single Drop Orange Case of 2000
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21G x 1.8 Contact-Activated lancet Medium Pink Case of 2000
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