LabGenius Single Beam 1.8nm UV/VIS Spectrophotometer


LabGenius is proud to introduce the all new line of UV-Visible spectrophotometers. The LabGenius line consists of units designed to meet the needs of education, industrial, and research uses.

The LabGenius Single Beam 1.8nm UV/Vis Spectrophotometer is an advanced unit with 1.8nm fixed bandpass. The standalone instrument has a 4nm fixed bandwidth. The unit has all the features that the LabGenius line offers in a stand-alone unit. The instrument provides excellent performance and versatility for your applications. The large sample compartment accommodates a wide range of cell holders.

The spectrophotometer has high performance sealed optics mounted on a stable platform. The high-grade blazed holographic grating ensures accuracy. The unit’s integrated design assures long-term stability and durability. To enhance precision across the UV/Vis spectrum starting from 190nm and into the near infrared (NIR) 1100nm, the instrument uses a precisely aligned detector and high quality deuterium and halogen lamps.

Key Features

  • Non-volatile memory storage and one-button recall
  • Sealed keypad with alphanumeric entry for user file names and settings
  • Pre-aligned deuterium lamp for easy replacement. Lamp usage and status can be monitored.
  • USB and RS-232 ports for communication and software upgrades
  • Built-in software
  • Software upgrade capability
  • Real-time clock for date and time stamping of results
  • Performance validation and report (GLP compliance)
  • CE approved



Item Accuracy Power Slit Width- nm Unit of Measure Price Purchase
±0.3%T 110V 1.8 Each
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