LabGenius High-Speed Digital Fixed Centrifuges

The LabGenius High-Speed Digital Fixed Centrifuges are available with speeds up to 13,000 RPM (EF21557). Choose between a 6-Place standards (7-15mL tubes up to 5000RPM) or 24-Place Micro-tubes (up to 13,000RPM)

These centrifuges have advanced safety features such as a Zero RPM lid latch control system to make sure the lid cannot be opened if the rotor is spinning, a stainless steel rotor chamber, auto-unbalance detection and shut-off which shuts down the motor if an unbalanced condition is detected.

The digital LCD display and push button control panel are designed to give the user complete control throughout the process. The “Open” button is disengaged while the rotor is in motion for safety measures. Customize your display with the LCD mode button.

Key Features

  • Choose between 6-Place standard tube or 24-Place micro-tube
  • Variable speeds up to 13,000 RPM
  • Zero RPM Safety Lock
  • Rotor Unbalance Sensor
  • Digital Timer 0-99 minutes
  • Maintenance free brushless motor
  • Exterior is chemical resistant and easy to clean & disinfect
  • Lid window for strobe tachometer RPM check
  • One-Year Limited Warranty

Specifications for LabGenius High-Speed Digital Fixed Centrifuges
  EF21556 EF21557
Rotor Radius 92 mm 82 mm
No. Places 6-Place 24-Place
(2570 x g)
13,000 RPM
(15,495 x g)
Timer 0-99 Minutes
Fecal Speed (Time)
1600 RPM
(10 minutes)
Urine Speed (Time)
2000 RPM
( 5 minutes)
2300 RPM
(5 minutes)
Blood Speed (Time)
5000 RPM
(4 minutes)
13,000 RPM
(5 minutes)
Item Product Description RPM Unit of Measure Price Purchase
24-Place Microtube Digital Fixed Angle Centrifuge 1000-13;000 RPM (15;495 x g Each
In Stock
6-Place Digital Fixed Angle Centrifuge 1000-5000 RPM (2570 x g) Each
In Stock

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