Lab Companion Reciprocal Shaking Water Baths

Jeio Tech Lab Companion Reciprocal Shaking Water Baths have a noiseless, anti-vibrating brushless DC motor for fast, accurate shaking. The shaker mechanism can also be turned off so unit can be used as a constant temperature bath. The microprocessor PID control has built-in calibration for accurate temperatures. Digital LED display with splash-proof keypad accepts actual values, setpoint temperatures, and shaking frequency.

The removable shaking carriage facilitates assemblage outside of bath while eliminating direct contact with bath fluid. Each bath includes a gable cover to prevent liquid loss and dripping into samples and a stainless steel, spring-wire rack for holding a variety of glassware. Order platforms and other test tube racks separately. 

Durable stainless steel racks have adjustable angle and tube height support. No other base plates are requires—simply release and mount racks directly.

Dedicated platforms come with the maximum amount of clamps installed for shaking either a single 250- or 500-mL flask only.

Universal platforms provide flexibility for mixing different size test tubes and glassware on a single platform. Various clamps or racks can be interchanged or added easily using mounting holes on the platform. Flask clamps are not included.

Key Features

  • Ideal for DNA, tissue or cell culture applications
  • Heat-up time to 50°C in less than 40 minutes
  • Soft-start minimizes shock to test samples

Specifications for Lab Companion™ Reciprocal Shaking Water Bath
Bath Capacity: 17 L 25 L 37 L 55 L
Temp Range: Ambient +5 to 100°C
Temp Uniformity: ±0.2°C at 50°C
Temp Display: Two 3-digit LEDs
Stroke Length: 30 mm
Shaking Frequency: 20 to 180 rpm
Timer: 1 min to 99 hrs, 59 min; or delayed ON/OFF
Chamber Dimensions (L x W x H"): 4-5⁄16" x 9-5⁄8" x 9-5⁄16" 9" x 9-5⁄8" x 9-5⁄16" 15-5⁄16" x 9-5⁄8" x 9-5⁄16" 21-3⁄16" x 11-1⁄2" x 9-5⁄16"
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H"): 16-7⁄8" x 17-5⁄16" x 14" 21-11⁄16" x 17-5⁄16" x 14" 28" x 17-5⁄16" x 14" 33-7⁄8" x 19-5⁄16" x 14"
Shipping Weight.: 65 lb. 75 lb. 87 lb. 101 lb.

Item Capacity Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
17L 230 V; 50 Hz Baths Each
In Stock
25L 230 V; 50 Hz Baths Each
In Stock
37L 230 V; 50 Hz Baths Each
In Stock
17L 120 V; 60 Hz Baths Each
In Stock
55L 230 V; 50 Hz Baths Each
In Stock
25L 120 V; 60 Hz Baths Each
In Stock

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