Justrite Quick-Disconnect Disposal Safety Cans

Justrite Quick-Disconnect Disposal Safety Cans are ideal for HPLC waste applications with superior vapor and fire protection, safeguarding against accidental spills, and maximizing safety and convenience. The hands-free solvent collection allows solvent to flow freely from the process into the container through tubing, making it suitable for either pump-fed or gravity-flow HPLC waste methods. Two disconnect fittings, one intake and one vent, eliminate back pressure in liquid flow disposal line and provide controlled handling of vapor.

The translucent polyethylene container provides durability and safety by allowing quick visual inspection of liquid level. Pouring spout is equipped with a stainless steel flame arrester, which reliably dissipates heat to prevent flashback ignition. Spring-loaded, sealed lid automatically vents to guard against explosion. Control odors with a coalescing/carbon filter. The quick-disconnect system with easy-on, easy-off mechanism offers detachment of the can from the process without leads, drips, or vapor release. Once disconnected, the container is automatically sealed to prevent spills.

Key Features

  • Ideal for HPLC waste applications
  • Provides hands-free solvent collection
  • Durable and safe
  • Features quick-disconnect system
  • Valved quick-disconnect fittings automatically close when decoupled to prevent vapor or liquid release
  • Stainless-steel fittings offer PTFE O-rings on standard containers
  • Coalescing carbon filter
  • Easy carrying handle with fixed position latch keeps spring loaded cover open for convenient pouring during disposal
  • Translucent color lets user check liquid level at a glance

Specifications for Justrite Quick-Disconnect Disposal Safety Cans
Model No. TF12752 BY12755
FM Approval Yes
OSHA Compliance Yes
Complies with NFPA Code 30 Yes
Color White
Material Specifications Polyethylene/Stainless Steel Disconnects
Dimensions, Exterior 14.75" H x 12" OD 20" H x 12" OD
Capacity 2 gallon 5 gallon
Liter Capacity 8 19
Fill/Pour Hole inch 3.65
Fill/Pour Hole mm 93 93
Net Weight, lbs 4.1 10
Net Weight, kg 1.9 4.5

Item Capacity Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
2 Gallons (8L) Quick-Disconnect Disposal Safety Can Each
In Stock
Filter Coalescing/Carbon with Stainless Disconnect Each
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Filter Coalescing/Carbon with Polypropylene Disconnect Each
1 In Stock 1 In Stock
5 Gallon (19L) Quick-Disconnect Disposal Safety Can Each
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