HettCube Cooling Incubators

Hettich HettCube Cooling Incubators provide optimal conditions for microbiological cultures while minimizing impact on the environment. Many incubators with cooling have the cooling running all the time with heating working against it, but Cooled HettCube incubators heat up or cool only as necessary. At an operating temperature of 37 °C they consume less than 0.05 kWh. Combining the advantages of natural and forced convection with a gentle heat flow, they offer precise temperature control, temperature stability and uniform heat distribution for optimum growth conditions.

They operate at with low noise emission at <45 dB(A), have a small 0.6m2 footprint. Because HettCubes do not require space at the side for opening, they can be placed in corners or close to other lab equipment. A magnetic door mechanism automatically closes the door when open at <90°.

HettCube incubators are available in three sizes, with internal volumes of 5.2, 10.9, and 18.3 ft3 – with and without cooling. HettCube Incubators without cooling are available here.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly with low power consumption & low global warming potential (GWP)
  • Easily reverse the door opening
  • Temperature range from 0 °C to + 65 °C
  • Modular Shelving: shelves are adjustable, removable and easily swapped between models
  • Run-Silent™ Operation (softer than normal conversation)
  • Intelligent temperature control with cross directional airflow for maximum heat distribution (no interior fan)
  • Door automatically closes at any angle under 90°
  • Two (2) Year Warranty
  • FDA registered manufacturer

Item Internal Volume Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
18.36 ft 3 HettCube 600R Each
Call for Availability In Stock
5.29 ft 3 HettCube 200R Each
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10.95 ft 3 HettCube 400R Each
Call for Availability In Stock

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