Heraeus Megafuge 8

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The Thermo Scientific Heraeus Megafuge 8 / 8R (refrigerated version) provides exceptional capacity in a compact design with a smart, simple interface and the flexibility to support both clinical and research applications. The centrifuge has a compact footprint to fit into your space, and accomodating multi-laboratory settings to fit into your applications. It stands out with innovative Thermo Scientific technologies, like the Auto-Lock rotor exchange, which enables secure, push-button versatility and cleaning convenience. ClickSeal biocontainment lids provide one-handed, certified sample protection.

Maximized capacity allows processing of 24 x 5/7mL blood tubes, 8 x 50mLconical tubes, microplates, and microtubes, all in one versatile unit.

NOTE: Order rotors separately.  For more details regarding rotor specifications and rotor accessories for the Megafuge 8, please see the DOCUMENTATION tab above.

Key Features

  • Accomodates multi-laboratory settings, with flexibility to adapt to clinical and research needs
  • Maximized capacity: 8x50ml conical tubes, 24x5/7ml blood tubes, microplates and microtubes, all in one versatile unit
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • One-touch operation with pre-saved protocols and password protection
  • Optional end-of-run indicators, including lid open, flashing display, or audible signal
Specifications for Heraeus Megafuge 8 / 8R
Max Capacity with Swinging Bucket Rotors 4 x 145mL (with TX-150 rotor)
Max Speed with Swinging Bucket Rotors 4,500rpm (with TX-150 rotor)
Min Speed with Swinging Bucket Rotors 300rpm (with TX-150 rotor)
Max RCF with Swinging Bucket Rotors 3,260 x g (with TX-150 rotor)
Max Capacity with Fixed Angle Rotors 6 x 50mL (with HIGHConic III rotor)
Max Speed with Fixed Angle Rotors 16,000rpm (with MicroClick 24x2 rotor) (17,850rpm for 8R)
Min Speed with Fixed Angle Rotors 300rpm (with MicroClick 24x2 rotor)
Max RCF with Fixed Angle Rotors 24,328 x g (with MicroClick 24x2 rotor) (30,279 for 8R)
Control System Microprocessor
Direct, brushless induction drive Direct, brushless induction drive
Rotor Locking System Auto-Lock rotor exchange
Imbalance Detection System SMARTSpin
Programs 8: 4 protocols via direct access key; 8R: 3 direct plus96 more via folder
Pulse (Short) Run Yes
Acceleration / Deceleration Rates 2 (standard and soft)
Centrifugation Chamber Brushed stainless steel
Max Timer Range 9h, 99 min + continuous
Sound Level <58 dBA (with TX-150 rotor); <61 dBA (with MicroClick 24x2 rotor)
Other Features Certified ClickSeal biocontainment lids
Multilingual selection: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Russian
Max Power Consumption 310W
Height (lid open) 8: 67cm (26.8 in.); 8R: 70cm (27.5in)
Height (lid closed) 8: 31cm (12.2 in.); 8R:32cm (12.6in)
Width 8: 37cm (14.6 in.); 8R: 46cm (18.1 in)
Depth 8: 48cm (18.9 in.); 8R: 67cm (26.4in)
Weight 8: 35kg (77 lb.); 8R: (71kg (156 lb)
Standards IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-020, IEC 61010-2-101, EN 61326-1
Certifications UL Listed CE marked / IVD compliant/ Certified biocontainment
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Cat # Description Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
Megafuge 8, 120V
  • $2,995.95
Megafuge 8, 240V
  • $2,838.95
Megafuge 8R - 120V
  • $8,111.95
Megafuge 8R - 240V
  • $7,949.95
Cat # Description Unit Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
Round Buckets
For TX-150 (EF15234)
  • $739.95
ClickSeal Biocontainment Lids
For Round Buckets (EF15029)
  • $261.95
15mL Conical Tube / 11mL IVF Tube
Adapters for Round Buckets (EF15029)
  • $379.95
15mL Conical Tube
Adapters for HIGHConic III (EF15235)
  • $552.95
MicroClick 24x2 Rotor – 45°, Rmax 85mm
  • $1,516.95
8x8 PCR Strip Rotor – 45°, Rmax 71mm
  • $1,355.95
Sealing Kit
For Hematocrit Rotor (EF15094)
  • $54.95
TX-150 Swinging Bucket Rotor – 90°, Rmax 144mm
  • $1,386.95
HIGHConic III Rotor – 45°, Rmax 120mm
  • $2,614.95
CLINIConic Rotor – 37°, Rmax 140mm
  • $1,815.95
MicroClick 30x2 Rotor – 45°, Rmax 99mm
  • $1,475.95
TX-150 Clinical Rotor Package
Includes: Rotor (EF15234), Round Buckets (EF15029), ClickSeal Biocontainment Lids (EF15030), Blood Collection Tube Adapters 5/7mL (EF15041) and 10mL (EF15036)
  • $3,075.95
Replacement Sealing O-Rings (set of 2 with grease)
For HIGHConic III (EF15235)
  • $142.95
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