Heavy Absorbent Biohazard Liners and Wipers

These Heavy Absorbent Biohazard Liners and Wipers are designed to protect against bloodborne and body-fluid-borne diseases and chemicals, BioScreen Heavy Absorbent Biohazard Liners and Wipers use absorbent polypropylene/cellulose to soak up biohazards. Made of coextruded polyethylene, the wipers will block contaminants through the gloves and to the hands and counters, limiting the spread of diseases and chemicals.

The orange, barrier side of the wipers are impermeable to solvents such as xylene and xylene substitutes, acetone, ketones, alcohols, and formalin, while the white side is a low-linting absorbent with a high wet strength perfect for quick pickup. The Heavy Absorbent biohazard liner holds up to 25x weight.

BioScreen wipes significantly cut down on the cost of gloves and traditional gauze or paper wipes. The wipes limit the amount of glove changes and towel replacements that occur because of their soaking ability and absorbance.

Key Features

  • Liners and Wipers are ideal for cleaning pipettes, probes, slide prep devices, equipment, and leaning up small / large spills
  • Helps prevent splashing when popping caps on blood and specimen tubes
  • Prevents cross contamination from gloves to phones, keyboards, pens, and of solvents to countertops
  • Highly Absorbent wipers that protect bench tops when lining counters and trays

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3 x 3" Wipers Pack of 200
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4 x 4" Wipers Pack of 200
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