Heathrow Scientific Portable Sprout Kit

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Portable Centrifugation Kit; 100-240VAC; 50/60Hz Universal Plug + 12V Power Adapter
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The Heathrow Scientific Portable Centrifuge Kit offers a convenient way to spin down and prepare samples outside of a conventional laboratory environment. The kit enables the processing of samples before deterioration can take place and can be used in remote environments where a normal electrical supply is not an option. It enables immediate on-site testing for faster results.

This kit includes a Sprout® Mini Centrifuge, which comes with its own 12V car adapter and a 12V DC adapter for when electrical outlets are in reach. You can conveniently carry the centrifuge and its components securely in the DuraPorter® transport box that has a specially designed insert to seat the centrifuge, all its accessories and incorporates a 16-place microtube rack as well. The DuraPorter is transparent, so any samples contained can be viewed and their integrity checked.

Sprout® Mini Centrifuge has an ergonomic design and is loaded with features to bring increased efficiency to the lab and in the field. Tool-free snapspin rotors and quick-spin options make it fast and easy to use and prevent loss of rotor tools. The lid was functionally designed to fit in the palm of the hand for easy repeat opening and quick tube extractions. A weighted rubberized base eliminates potential movement and dampens vibration and noise. The Sprout is ideal for microfilter cell separations and HPLC samples, with adapters to accommodate all major microtube and PCR tube styles (1.5/2.0, 0.5, 0.2 mL) for customized use.

Sprout Specifications: Maximum Speed: Approx. 6,000 rpm (fully loaded) Maximum RCF: 2000 x g Dimensions: 5.97” x 4.99” x 4.05” One-Year Warranty

Package Includes

Sprout Mini Centrifuge

  • 6 place 1.5/2.0 mL SnapSpin tube rotor
  • 16 place 0.2 mL SnapSpin tube rotor
  • 6 tube adapters for 0.2 mL
  • 6 tube adapters for 0.5 mL
  • 4 o-rings, storage case for rotors & adapters
  • 16 place tube rack
  • low voltage
  • double insulated power adapter with 4 interchangeable plugs


  • 16 place tube rack insert
  • Transport box dividers
  • Sprout cradle

Portable 12-Volt Sprout Centrifuge Adapter