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Optimized for pH/mV and ion measurement in the laboratory, at-line, or outdoors, these Seven2Go pH, ORP, Ion Meters are designed to provide users with fast quality data, one-handed operation and durability. The weatherproof technology and drop test resistance assures durability in harsh and demanding climates. 

The Seven2Go models are easy and efficient to use. The new intuitive menu guarantees out-of-the-box operation for anyone. Users no longer need to study lengthy operating instructions. A brief look at the graphical QuickGuide and the instrument is installed and ready for calibration and actual measurement. The new T-pad hardkey buttons with clicker technology improve the speed with with you move through menus and set measurement parameters. The intuitive and fast navigation shorten the time to actual measurement. Visual and audio signals can be setup to announce warnings, button presses, or end-point stability, allowing you to focus your eyes on your ongoing measurement, sample handling, or the moving product line.

Key Features

  • Easy, graphical QuickGuide
  • IP67 Weatherproof Data Transmission
  • Outdoor mode (screen brightness, sleep mode, and auto-shutdown) maximizes battery life
  • Sunlight-Proof- view data even in direct sunlight
Specifications for Seven2Go Meters- pH, ORP, Ion
Model S2 (pH/mV) S8 (pH/Ion)
pH Range -2.00...20.00 -2.000...20.000
pH Resolution/Accuracy 0.01/±0.01 0.001/±0.002
mV Range -1999...1999 -2000...2000
mV Resolution/Accuracy 1/±1 0.1/±0.1
Ion Range (mg/L, mmd/L, mol/L)   1.00e-09...9.99e+09
Temperature Range -5.0...105.0°C
-5.0...130.0°C (ATC)
-30.00...130.0 (MTC)
Temp Resolution/Accuracy 0.1/±0.5 0.1/±0.2
Calibration Points 5
Pre-Defined pH Buffer Group 4 8
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Cat # Description Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
S8- pH/Ion Meter
  • $1,071.95
S8- pH/Ion Standard Kit w/ InLab Expert Pro-ISM-IP67 Sensor
  • $1,288.95
S8- pH/MV Field Kit w/ InLab Expert Pro-ISM-IP67 Sensor & uGo Carrying Case
  • $1,351.95
S8- pH/MV Biotechnology Kit w/ InLab Routine Pro-ISM-IP67 Sensor
  • $1,458.95
S8- pH/MV Fluoride Kit w/ perfectION Flouride Sensor & uGo Carrying Case
  • $1,793.95
S2- pH/mV Meter
  • $635.95
S2- pH/mV Standard Kit w/ InLab Expert Pro-ISM-IP67 Sensor
  • $805.95
S2- pH/mV Field Kit w/ InLab Expert Pro-ISM-IP67 Sensor & uGo Carrying Case
  • $847.95
S2- pH/mV Food Kit w/ InLab Solids Pro-IP67 Sensor & uGo Carrying Case
  • $915.95
S2- pH/mV Light Kit w/ InLab Expert Pro-ISM-IP67 Sensor
  • $703.95
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