Glass Microfiber Filters GF/F

Glass Microfiber Filters GF/F This high-efficiency filter Grade GF/F 0.7 µm retains fine particles down to 0.7 µm. Unlike membrane filters with a comparable retention value, it has a very rapid flow rate and extremely high loading capacity. GF/F is the material upon which the EPA Method TCLP 1311 for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure was developed. That is due to the tight specification of 0.6 µm - 0.8 µm particle retention and pure borosilicate glass structure.

GF/F is recommended for DNA binding and purification. It is very effective in filtering finely precipitated proteins. GF/F can be used in conjunction with GF/D as a pre-filter for the successful clarification of extremely ‘difficult’ biochemical solutions and fluids, and nucleic acids. This filter is available in the filter cup and disposable filter funnel format.

The FilterCup is a disposable filter funnel available with a range of 70 mm brand filter media. This convenient device is molded from polypropylene with an integral, heat bonded filter for easy filtration. The Disposable Filter Funnels are available in 25 and 47 mm diameters and are convenient filter funnels containing brand filter media. The filter media can be easily removed for further analysis. The unit is composed of medical grade polypropylene, compatible with most solutions.

Key Features

  • Microfiber filters have a rapid flow rate and high loading capacity
  • Recommended for DNA binding and purification
  • Effective in filtering finely precipitated proteins
  • This filter grade retains particles down to 0.7 µm

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