Glass Microfiber Filters 934 / AH

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Glass Microfiber Filters 934/AH is superior to any cellulose filter of similar rating and is capable of high retention efficiency at high flow rates. Filters permit passage of very large sample volumes without blockage and are ideal for the collection of suspended solids in potable, natural, and industrial waters, as well as other applications that require filtering large volumes with suspended solids. Filters are binder-free, autoclavable and withstand temperatures to 500°C.

Key Features

  • For determining total suspended solids in water, removal of turbidity or filtration of bacterial cultures
  • Allows passage of large sample volumes without blockage
Specifications for Whatman® Grade 934/AH Glass Microfiber Filters
Weight: 64 g/m2
Thickness: 435 µm
Particle retention: 1.5 µm
Filtration speed: 47 sec/100 mL (Herzberg test at 10 cm hydrostatic head)
DOP penetration (0.3 µm particle): 0.02%
Surface: Smooth
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