Fungilab EVO Expert Rotational Viscometers

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Fungilab EVO Expert Rotational Viscometer has an advanced design and multifunctional viscosity measurements. The program features include time-to-torque ending the test upon reaching a programmed torque; time-to-stop ending of the test upon reaching a programmed time; ramps to program assays with an initial and final speed in a specific time.

Choose from low (L), medium (M), or high (H) viscosity models with or without the Fast Spindle Switch (Push Plug and Release –PPR). AISI 316 Stainless steel spindle is easy to identify according to its letter and number, in terms of the range of viscosity. The equipment is supplied complete with standard spindles (4 for L model; 6 for R & H models), viscometer stand, spindle protector, temperature probe, USB cable, external power supply, and carrying case.

Viscosity Ranges:
Low Viscosity Model 1-6.000.000
Medium Viscosity Model 25-40.000.000
High Viscosity Model 200 – 320.000.00

Key Features

  • AUTO-TEST with visual and resonant alarm
  • AUTO-RANGE function
  • Temperature reading through PT100 probe
  • User-enabled viscosity and temperature calibration
  • 6 language options
  • USB Port
  • Datalogger – USB allows data transfer to a PC Excel format
  • Statistics to see data in graphs
  • Download all data through the Bluetooth app
Specifications for EVO Expert Rotational Viscometers
Speed 0.01-250
Precision ±1% full scale of range
Minus Viscosity 100 cP 0.01 cP
Major Viscosity 1.000 cP 0.1 cP
Major Viscosity 5.000 cP 1.0 cP
Major Viscosity 10.000 cP 5.0 cP
Major Viscosity 50.000 cP 25.0 cP
Major Viscosity 1.000.000 1.000.0 cP
Repeatability 0.20%
Number of Speeds 2600
Temperature Probe
Type of Probe PT100
Temp Limits -40°C to 300°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Precision ±0.2°C
Power 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Screen Data
Selected Speed rpm
Selected Spindle SP
Viscosity Reading cP(mPa•s) or cST
Percentage of Full Scale %
Sampling Temperature °C or °F
Shear Rate ( coaxial spindles) SR (s-1)
Shear Stress (coaxial spindles) SS (N/m2)
Density (introduced by user) g/cm3
Viscosity Reading
Dynamic Viscosity cP or mPa•s
Kinematic Reading cST
Units Converter from SI to CS
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Cat # Model Range Speed Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
EVO EXPERT L 1 – 6.000.000 0.01–250 RPM
  • $5,220.95
EVO EXPERT R 25 – 40.000.000 0.01–250 RPM
  • $5,220.95
EVO EXPERT H 200 – 320.000.000 0.01–250 RPM
  • $5,220.95
EVO EXPERT L + PPR 1 – 6.000.000 0.01–250 RPM
  • $5,436.95
EVO EXPERT R + PPR 25 – 40.000.000 0.01–250 RPM
  • $5,436.95
EVO EXPERT H + PPR 200 – 320.000.000 0.01–250 RPM
  • $5,436.95
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