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Pyrex Heavy-Wall Glass Filtering Flasks

From $26.95

The PYREX® Heavy-Wall Glass Filtering Flasks, with tubulation, are blown in special molds designed to give maximum mechanical strength. For convenience, theflasks are graduated to show approximate capacity. The neck finishaffords an excellent fit for rubber stoppers. The vacuum hose is attached to the flask's sidearm. A funnel is insertedinto the neck of the flask through a ground joint or rubber stopper.The applied vacuum facilitates the filtration process.

The 5360-125 (EF8840C) flask  is a small (125mL)  filtering flask recommended for microchemical use.

Key Features

  • Sidearm tabulations are blown into special molds for maximum strength
  • Micro filtering flasks are recommended for microchemical use
  • All flasks have permanent white enamel marking spots
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Cat # Volume- mL Tubulation OD- mm Rubber Stopper No. Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
1000 10 8
  • $312.95
250 10 6
  • $123.95
2000 12.5 9
  • $1,282.95
4000 12.5 12
  • $913.95
500 10 7
  • $29.95
125 10 5
  • $26.95
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