Whirl-Pak Filter Bag for Homogenizer Blenders

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Whirl-Pak® Filter Bag for Homogenizer Blenders
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Pack of 250
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These Whirl-Pak Bags contain a third layer of finely perforated polyethylene, which filters out solids in a sample when used in a homogenizer blender. The Bags feature a filter layer of finely perforated polyethylene, to separate the liquid and solids, allowing for easy pipetting. The hole diameter in the filter layer measures .013 inches (.33 mm), 330 microns, and there are 1,840 holes per in2, 285 per cm2. The filter is sealed into the perimeter of the bag on the sides and bottom, allowing the sample to be placed in the bag on either side. The liquid will transfer through the filter, but the solids stay on one side.

These 24 oz (6" x 9") bags are marked in increments of fluid ounces. Volume and dimensions are approximate; bags should not be used at temperatures above 180° F (82° C). Bags can be frozen to any temperature, even liquid nitrogen.  All bags are sterilized after manufacturing.

Key Features:

  • Perforated polyethylene filter layter
  • Filter separates liquids from solids for ease in pipetting
  • Sterile