EV311 Rotary Evaporator

With an innovative design, the LabTech EV311 Series Rotary Evaporators are solid, durable, and economically priced. The digital display is easy to monitor rotation speed and to control temperature. The stand alone heating bath guarantees maximum safety in operations and is easy for maintenance.

The EV311H model (EF17966 & EF17967) is designed to manually lift evaporating by a simple handle. The micro lifting switch ensures easy locking and elevating.

Key Features

  • Maximum stroke is 150 mm
  • Supports clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation
  • Heating bath supports oil and water application
  • Automatically shuts down in case of a dried bath
  • Rotation speed of 20-260 rpm

Specifications for EV311 Series Rotary Evaporator
Model EV311Plus EV311H
Rotation Speed Range 20-260rpm 20-260rpm
Rotation Speed Display LCD LCD
Titled Angel 0-60° 0-60°
Motor Power 40W 40W
Stroke Displacement 160mm 150mm
Lifting Motor Manual
Temp. Range Ambient - 180° Ambient - 180°
Bath Material SSL with PTFE Coating SSL
Temp. Controller Display LCD LCD
Temp. Controller Mode P.I.D. P.I.D.
Temp. Control Accuracy ±1°C(Water) ±1°C(Water)
  ±2°C (Oil) ±2°C (Oil)
Heating Power 1300W 1300W
Bath Capacity 5L 5L
Bath Diameter 250mm 250mm
Evaporation Volume 50-3000mL 50-2000mL
Condenser Type Vertical Vertical
  Diagonal Diagonal
Cooling Surface cm2 1200 1200
Protection class IP20 IP20
Ambient Temperature 0°C to 4°C 0°C to 4°C
Dimensions (L×W×H) Inch 15×14×28 15×14×28
Weight (Lbs) 51 51

Item Model Type Power Unit of Measure Price Purchase
EV311H 230V; 50/60Hz Each
In Stock
EV311H 110V;60Hz Each
In Stock

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