Eppendorf Advantage Promotion- All You Need Pipette Bundle Offer

Save up to 35% off with the Eppendorf Advantage Promotion - All you Need Pipette Bundle, specially designed pipetting packing including 3 single-channel pipettes (Research plus or Reference 2), a carousel stand, Repeater M4, Easypet 3, and 8-Channel Pipette.

The carousel stand, Repeater M4, and Easypet 3 are included in the delivery package with the 3-Pack of single channel pipettes; redeem your FREE 8-channel Research Plus or Reference 2 pipette here

This All-You-Need pipetting package will equip your bench with all the essential liquid handling device. The package was specifically designed to give you the ability to accurately and efficiently pipette any volume from 0.5µL to 50mL between any type of vessel (tubes, plates, bottles, etc).

Get renowned accuracy with the included Repeater M4 and stop worrying about pipetting difficult liquids like detergents, alcohols, and glycerol. And, increase your efficiency with up to 100 dispenses from a single aspiration, plate filling, and aliquoting has never been easier. Also included is a holder to attach the Repeater M4 to the carousel stand.

For a larger pipetting volume range, an Easypet 3 has been included to handle any large volume pipetting applications. The Easypet 3 is a great tool for re-suspension of bacterial or cell pellets and dispensing aliquots of different volumes.

To round out this package, redeem your 8-channel pipette and efficiently fill plates and transfer liquid between well plates.

Promotion valid until 12/31/17

Item Volume Model Unit of Measure Price Purchase
2-20; 20-200; and 100-1000 µL Reference 2 Each
In Stock
0.5-10; 10-100; 100-1000 µL Reference 2 Each
In Stock
0.5-10; 10-100; 100-1000 µL Research Plus Each
In Stock
2-20; 20-200; and 100-1000 µL Research Plus Each
In Stock

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