Oxford CAPP MAESTRO Single Channel Electronic Pipettes

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Oxford Capp Maestro Electronic Single Channel Pipette is the electronic pipette that combines all the benefits that the modern researcher needs. The favorites button it he first function that’s seen on the it’s fully colored OLED display. The colored OLED display gives better optical control while pipetting as it has better optical control while pipetting as it has better contrast and a greater screen refresh rate comparted to the other LCD screens. Also, an OLED display consumes less power compared to the other displays.

Lightweight construction and elegant ergonomic design with a wide hook allows the user to rest the pipette at the palm of the hand with no need to “grab it”. CAPP Maestro’s tip ejector also works as a finger rest for the thumb. Simply rest the thumb on the tip ejector, and gently activate the pipetting button at the same time.

Optimize serial work with advanced functions such as multi-dispensing, dilution & mixing which are all available on the CAPP Maestro while easily navigating through the user-friendly graphic intuitive interface that is self-explanatory and can be operated very easily! This pipette uses lithium ion batteries which are ideal for long-lasting performance. The pipette can also be used while it is charging.

Key Features

  • Fully colored OLED display for better optical control and contrast while pipetting
  • Lightweight construction and elegant ergonomic design
  • Larger tip ejector works as a finger rest for the thumb
  • Easily store favorite protocols and switch from one to the other simply with 2-clicks
  • Calibration and password settings are also available
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