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Sensorex pH3400 Research Grade pH Electrode

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In laboratory environments such as medical, biological, and materials science research groups, samples and test conditions are constantly changing, but accuracy is always critical. Sensorex pH3400 Research Grade pH Electrode is a highly versatile combination pH electrode, specifically designed to respond quickly and accurately to rapid temperature changes. The high sensitivity internals allow testing of low iconic samples. Safely measure samples containing heavy metals, TRIS buffer, or proteins thanks to the double junction reference design, which prevents fouling. With a glass body, the pH3400 is inert to a wide range of chemical reactions allowing the user to test even highly reactive chemicals.

Key Features

  • High accuracy, temperature responsive measurements (pH 0-14)
  • Chemically inert glass body
  • Double junction reference prevents contamination
  • Refillable pump junction helps users easily extend sensor lifetime
  • Reinforced meter connection allows use in wet and corrosive environments
Specifications for Sensorex pH3400 Research Grade pH Electrode
Measurement Range: 0-14 pH (low NA+ ion    error)  0-14 pH (low NA+ ion error)
Response Time: 95% in 1 second  95% in 1 second
Isopotential: 7.00 pH  7.00 pH
Offset: 0.2%  0.2%
Span: > 97%  > 97%
Cable Length: Standard: 3 ft (1 m); Custom: Please inquire  BNC
Connector: BNC  1 meter
Diameter: 12mm  One year limited warranty
Length: 150mm  12mm
Reference: Refillable  150mm
Junction Number: Double (2)  Sealed
Junction Material: Ground Glass and pHASE  Single
Reference Solution: 3.5 M KCl/KNO3  Pellon
Glass Shape: Bulb  3.5 M KCl/AgCl/KNO3 (gel)
Body Material: Glass  Bulb
Temperature Range: 0-100° C  Ultem
Strain Relief: Yes  0-80° C
BNC Boot: Yes  No
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High accuracy research grade double junction, refillable glass body pH electrode 0 - 14
  • $220.95
  • List: $247.00
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