CultureSwab Collection and Transport Systems


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The BD BBL CultureSwab Collection and Transport Systems is designed to collect, preserve and transport clinical specimens. Each system includes a 5 1⁄4" swab application used to collect the sample and a tube into which the applicator is placed after collection. Choose from three types:

CultureSwab™ EF4480G contains no media. The polyurethane foam swab is excellent for use with patients who have sensitive skin or mucous membrane wounds.

CultureSwab™ EF4480B contains non-nutritious liquid Stuart medium, buffered with phosphate and provide a reduce environment due to formulation with sodium thioglycollate.

CultureSwab™ Plus EF4480C and EF4480E contain 5 mL Amies agar gel column with oxygen-scavenging agents to sample both aerobic and facultative anaerobic organisms. Choose with or without charcoal.

Swabs are provided in a nitrogen-flushed sterile pouch with tamper-evident seals.

Key Features

  • All-in-one swabs for the collection and transport of aerobes or anaerobes
  • Patented tube design enhances recovery of microorganisms
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CultureSwab™ Liquid Amies, Single Swab
  • $31.95
CultureSwab™ with liquid Stuart media
  • $34.95
CultureSwab™ without media
  • $47.95
CultureSwab™ Plus with Amies gel media without charcoal
  • $32.95
CultureSwab™ Plus with Amies gel media with charcoal
  • $69.95
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