Axygen Microtubes MAXYclear

From $17.95

These Axygen® Microtubes MAXYclear are engineered to close with a “snap” and stay closed during centrifugation up to 20,000 RCF (14,000 RCF for 0.6 ml tubes). 

All Axygen Microtubes MAXYclear tubes have frosted cap surfaces for labeling, frosted panels on the side for writing, a 0.28mm piercing port in the center of the cap. They are tested to 55 psi and ready for autoclaving.

Homopolymer tubes are more resistant to autoclaving with ultra-smooth tube bottoms for 100% visibility. They contain extremely accurate graduation marks. All microtubes are certified boilproof and come in 0.6 ml, 1.5 ml and 2.0 capacities. Spectrum Packs include 2 packs of blue, green, orange, red and yellow tubes per case.

Key Features 

  • Snaplock microtubes that close with a “snap”
  • Stay closed during centrifugation
  • Ready for autoclaving
  • Exceptional strength and chemical resistance
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Cat # Volume- mL Color Microtube Material Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
0.6 Assorted Homopolymer
  • $284.95
0.6 MAXYclear Homopolymer
  • $26.95
1.5 Assorted Co-polymer
  • $17.95
1.7 MAXYclear Co-polymer
  • Contact us for pricing

1.75 mL Assorted Homopolymer
  • $19.95
1.5 MAXYclear Homopolymer
  • $17.95
2 Assorted Homopolymer
  • $17.95
2 MAXYclear Homopolymer
  • $153.95
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