Celltreat Non-Sterile Pipette Tips, Bulk Packs

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Celltreat Non-Sterile Pipette Tips, Bulk Packs are universal fit and compatible with major pipettes in the marketplace. They have smooth surfaces to ensure accurate pipetting and are available in multiple sizes including extended length (10µL and 100µL0 to allow better access to the bottom of test tubes, reagent bottles, flasks, and other vessels. Molded volume reference markings offer a quick double check opportunity. Bulk, non-sterile pipette tips are available in unique self-standing, resealable bags.

Empty racks are available with wafer to allow refill from bulk packed pipette tips. Hinged lids are designed for easy one-handed opening, making it easer to access repeatedly. Lids have a stacking feature for added stability and a secure locking tab. Interior support ribs prevent rack from warping.

Key Features

  • Universal fit and compatible with major pipettes
  • Smooth surface to ensure accurate pipetting
  • Unique self-standing, resealable bag
  • Multiple sizes available including extended length
  • Molded volume reference marking
  • Empty racks are available to refill from bulk packs
  • Packaged in 1000 tips/re-sealable bag
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Cat # Volume Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
10µL - Extended Length
  • $74.95
  • List: $84.00
  • $72.95
  • List: $82.00
  • $85.95
  • List: $96.00
1000µL - Extended Length
  • $102.95
  • List: $116.00
Empty Rack - 10µL / 10µL Extended Length
  • $46.95
  • List: $53.00
Empty Rack - 1000µL
  • $48.95
  • List: $55.00
  • $71.95
  • List: $81.00
Empty Rack - 200µL/300µL
  • $46.95
  • List: $53.00
Empty Rack - 1000µL Extended Length
  • $48.95
  • List: $55.00
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