Thermo Scientific Replacement Cartridges and Filters

From $100.95
List Price From $153.00

These Thermo Scientific Replacement Cartridges and Filters are replacement parts for water purification systems. The cartridges feature a hose nipple and measure 3/8".

Key Features

  • Easy to change replacement cartridges
  • 3/8" long and feature a hose nipple
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Cat # Description Cartridge Type For Multiple Cartridge Systems Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
Ultrapure Cartridge
  • $134.95
  • List: $153.00
Cartridge Kits, Final Filter, 0.2 µm with Filling Bell
  • $100.95
  • List: $114.00
Replacement Cartridges, Organic Free for High Purity and Low Organics (Final Position)
  • $177.95
  • List: $199.00
Replacement Cartridges, Pretreatment for Deionized Feedwater (1st Position)
  • $144.95
  • List: $162.00
Replacement Cartridges, Pretreatment of Distilled or RO Feedwater (1st Position)
  • $140.95
  • List: $158.00
Replacement Cartridges, Ultrapure Mixed Bed for High Resistivity (2nd or Final Position)
  • $124.95
  • List: $159.00
Replacement Cartridges, Final Filter 0.2 micron with Fitting Bell
  • $131.95
  • List: $148.00
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