BrandTech Transferpette Electronic Pipette

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The BrandTech Transferpette Electronic Pipettes combine the innovation of the Transferpette with the convenience and automation of motorized, electronic pipettes. The result is an accurate, ergonomic instrument for use in most laboratory applications.

Quickly and easily scroll to one of five convenient operating modes that support all of the most common pipetting applications:
  1. Pipetting (PIP Mode): Previously set volume is aspirated into the pipette tip and then discharged
  2. Mixing of samples (PIPmix Mode): Program for mixing liquids. The sample is repeatedly aspirated and discharged and the number of cycles is displayed
  3. Reverse pipetting (revPIP Mode): Program especially designed for greater accuracy when pipetting liquids with high viscosity, high vapor pressure, or low surface tension
  4. Pipetting for Electrophoresis (GEL Mode): Program for loading of electrophoresis gels
  5. Dispensing (DISP Mode): A single aspirated volume is dispensed in a selected number of small, equal aliquots

Key Features

  • Clear, legible LCD Screen
  • Soft touch pipetting key
  • Rechargeable battery with over 4000 cycles between charges
  • Intuitive interface allows easy operation, even for new lab techs
  • Adjustable finger rest adapts the instrument to your most comfortable hand position
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