Microtainer Blood Collection Tubes


From $196.95

Microtainer Blood Collection Tubes facilitate collection of a high-quality capillary blood sample. They include a Microgard™ closure with an integrated collector that ensures thorough mixing between blood and additive. Tubes are color-coded to indicate additive.

Optional tube extender EF12646C provides an extra 8.5" area for labeling specimens.

Key Features:

  • The industry standard for capillary blood collection
  • Microgaurd closer
  • Color Coded Tubes
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Cat # Fill Volume- µL Additive Cap Color Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
250 to 500 Silicone-coated Red
  • $202.95
250 to 500 K2-EDTA Lavender
  • $198.95
400 to 600 Clot activator/SST™ gel (amber) Gold
  • $196.95
EF12646EBEC 365987
400 to 600 Lithium heparin/PST™ gel (amber) Mint green
  • $202.95
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