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BBL Diagnostic Reagent and Stain Droppers are used as a solution to the problem of perishable identification reagents and stains. Featuring reagents that are hermetically sealed in an ampule to protect from chemical instability, the droppers provide shelf-life ranging from one to three years, with no refrigeration.

Offered are several reagents that differ in their biochemical nature and help identify enzymatic reactions and processes:

  • Indole Reagent may be used for tube or extraction procedures or with a variety of biochemical kits requiring Kovacs' or Ehrlich's reagents. Indole is commonly used as an aid in determining tryptophanase enzyme systems.
  • Oxidase Reagent droppers help identify organisms which produce oxidase enzyme called indophenol oxidase. It oxidizes a redox dye (present in the reagent) which results in a color change of yellow to dark 
  • A Voges-Proskauer test is part of a series of IMViC tests. The letters stand for Indole, Methyl Red, Voges-Proskauer, and Citrate. They are used primarily to distinguish between the coliforms, but may be used for other organisms in the Enterobacteriaceae family, and to detect acetylmethylcarbinol.
  • Ferric Chloride that is used to differentiate organisms capable of phenylalanine deamination.
  • Nitrate A and B help locate bacteria that have the ability to reduce nitrate to nitrite or free nitrogen gas. The Nitrate A and B Reagents, when added in equal parts, indicate the presence of a catabolic end product or the absence of nitrate in the medium

All droppers contain a one-day supply of reagent or stain—reducing waste and inconvenience associated with bulk reagents. Long shelf-life and no refrigeration required.

Please be aware that there may be additional charges for shipment of hazardous materials.

Material Safety Data Sheets are easily obtainable. If a Material Safety Data Sheet was not provided with your purchase, or you require additional copies, please download a PDF from the "DOCUMENTATION" tab.

Key Features

  • Seven different reagent droppers that vary in their mechanisms to locate specific bacteria
  • Each reagent contains a one-day supply of reagent or stain, reducing the waste related to bulk reagents
  • Ready-to-use reagents that require no mixing
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