GasPak 100 Anaerobic System


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The GasPak™ 100 system is a self-contained unit for cultivating and isolating anaerobes. The system consists of a 2.5 L jar, a lid (260626 is non-vented; 260627 is vented) with ''O'' ring gasket, a clamp/thumbscrew assembly, a catalyst reaction chamber, two catalyst charges, one 12-place dish rack  for 100 x 15 mm dishes, and one 13-place, 13 mm tube holder. 

Just insert gas-generating catalyst pellets (not included) into the reaction chamber. The system is designed to maintain the seal required to maintain the anaerobic environment. Jar dimensions (height with lid x dia.): 29 x 12 cm. 

Key Features:

  • Completely-contained system for culture anaerobes
  • Safer and easier than traditional evacuation-replacement/tank systems
  • Choose from vented (260267) or non-vented (260266) lids
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GasPak™ anaerobic system with non-vented lid
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GasPak™ anaerobic system with vented lid
  • $890.95
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