Balance Draft Shields

Balance Draft Shields are excellent lab safety items. The shields provide proper air ventilating systems to maintain lab safety, while retaining the ability to manipulate samples, make measurements, and allow for proper mobility within the confined space. The draft shield offers a wide access point and a clear construction to maintain vision.

These ventilating systems allow moving hazardous gases and air to escape without interfering with environmentally sensitive lab equipment. The ball cap design also provides protection against downward moving drafts. Simply place the shield over the equipment and feed a cord or wire (if present) through the provided mouse hole on the TrippNT Balance Draft Shields.

Key Features

  • A clear acrylic lab balance shield will block you from flying glass or hazardous material
  • Small hole in the back to thread cords and wires
  • Air blocking system around delicate equipment.

Item WxDxH Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Small 14" x 13" x 17" Each
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