Avitrolab® Low Retention Filter Pipette Tips

Daigger Avitrolab Low Retention Pre-Sterilized Filter Pipette Tips minimize sample holdup and ensure highly accurate pipetting within 0.1% of the indicated volume. The integrated filter is specially designed to help prevent aerosoling and cross-contamination during PCR work.

Tips are electron-beam irradiated to 10-3 SAL to eliminate contamination and are certified RNase-, DNase-, RNA/DNA- and pyrogen free. The universal shape fits most major pipettor brands, including LabGenius, Finnpipette™, Pipetman™, Hamilton™, Oxford™ Benchmate, Rainin®, Biohit™, Transferpette™ and Eppendorf®.

Tips are clear and provided in pre-sterilized racks of 96 tips.

Key Features

  • Filter protects pipettes from aerosol contaminants
  • Maximum sample recovery – within 0.1% of indicated volume

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