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Probes and Accessories

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Extend and expand the use of Probes and Accessories dissolved oxygen testing instruments with these membrane kits.

Standard Membrane Kit EF30218G features 30 1 mL standard stretch style dissolved oxygen membranes, made of FEP Fluoropolymer film. The kit also includes a bottle of KCl electrolyte solution and 2 O-rings.

Cap Membrane Kit EF2884 features six 1mL FEP Fluoropolymer film membranes with screw-on caps. It also includes a bottle of KCl electrolyte solution and one sanding disc.

Cap Membrane Kit EF9581D features six 1.25mL PE membranes and a bottle of KCl electrolyte solution.

Key Features

  • Membranes offer great accuracy in water testing
  • Broaden the uses of YSI testing instruments
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Cat # Description Use With Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
Standard Membrane Kit with KCl Solution Model 55 DO handheld meter
Ships By: 12/29/2017
  • $47.95
  • List: $54.00
Cap Membrane Kit, 1.0 mil Teflon with KCl Solution; For Use w/ Models 5000 and 5100 BOD benchtop meters 30213A,30217J
Ships By: 12/29/2017
  • $70.95
  • List: $80.00
Cap Membrane Kit, 1.25 mil PE with KCl Solution; For Use w/ EcoSense® DO200 system EcoSense 550A
In stock (2)
  • $70.95
  • List: $80.00
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