Whatman Glass Microfiber Filters 934/AH - Save up to 30%

Glass Microfiber Filters 934/AH
  • For determining total suspended solids in water, removal of turbidity or filtration of bacterial cultures
  • Allows passage of large sample volumes without blockage.
  • Capable of high retention effiency at high flow rates
  • Binder-free, autoclavable, and withstands temperatures up to 500°C

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Item DescriptionList PriceDaigger Deal
EF8389A- 2.1 cm; 100/Pack$19.66$14.99
EF8389B- 2.4 cm; 100/Pack$18.63$13.99
EF8389C- 2.5 cm; 100/Pack$38.30$29.95
EF8389CC- 3.5 cm; 100/Pack$47.61$36.95
EF8389D- 3.7 cm; 100/Pack$49.68$39.95
EF8389E- 4.25 cm; 100/Pack$31.05$22.95
EF8389EE- 4.7 cm; 100/Pack$32.09$23.95
EF8389F- 5.5 cm; 100/Pack$70.38$48.95
EF8389G- 7.0 cm; 100/Pack$90.05$69.95
EF8389H- 9.0 cm; 100/Pack$73.48$57.95
EF8389J- 11.0 cm; 100/Pack$83.83$64.95

Corning  Syringe Filters - 30% Savings!

Corning Syringe Filters
  • Offers a high throughput rate due to a large effective filtration area
  • Two membrane types available
  • 100% integrity tested, sterile, and certified non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic
  • Include a polypropylene housing, female leur lock inlets, and male leur 

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Item Description List PriceDaigger Deal
EF431215- 0.2um, Regenerated Cellulose, PP Housing; 50/Case$116.95$84.95
EF8437H- 0.2um, CA, Acrylic Housing; 50/Case$161.46$114.95
EF8437J- 0.45um, CA, Acrylic Housing; 50/Case$161.46$114.95
EF8437K- 0.8um, CA, Acrylic Housing; 50/Case$161.46$114.95
EF8437M- 0.2um, Nylon, PP Housing; 50/Case$161.46$114.95
EF8437N- 0.45um, Nylon, PP Housing; 50/Case$161.46$114.95
EF8437L- 0.2um, PES, Acrylic Housing; 50/Case$149.04$104.95

Celltreat  Bottle Top Filters - Up to 23% Savings!

Celltreat Bottle Top Filter Units
  • PES filter membrane in 0.22um or 0.45um pore sizes for rapid flow rate and low protein binding
  • Angled hose barb adapter fits 3 size hose diameters and increases unit stability
  • Supplied sterile with Quality Certificate including part number, lot number, sterility assurance level and dosage

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Item DescriptionList PriceDaigger Deal
EF9875A- 0.45um, 50mL; 24/Case$139.72$109.95
EF9875B- 0.45um, 250mL; 24/Case$171.81$144.95
EF9875C- 0.45um, 500mL; 24/Case$205.97$164.95
EF9875G- 0.45um, 1000mL; 24/Case$324.99$249.95
EF9875D- 0.22um, 150mL; 24/Case$140.76$114.95
EF9875E- 0.22um, 250mL; 24/Case$173.88$139.95
EF9875F- 0.22um, 500mL; 24/Case$207.00$164.95
EF9875H- 0.22um, 1000mL; 24/Case$327.06$259.95
EF19372- 0.45um, 250mL; 24/Case$175.00$154.95
EF19373- 0.45um, 500mL; 24/Case$205.00$174.95

Thermo Scientific   Nalgene Rapid-Flow Filter Units- Save over 20%

Nalgene Filter Units
  • Rapid-Flow multi-column membrane-support system provides a uniform, consistent separation between touch points withihnt the membrane, minimizing gap stress to maintain optimal flow
  • Tapered sides and "grips" to make units easier to handle
  • All units have a cellulosic vent plug with quick-disconnect tubing adapter

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Item DescriptionList PriceDaigger Deal
EF9015D- 0.1um, PES, 1000mL; 12/Case$139.72$109.95
EF9015A- 0.1um, PES, 150mL; 12/Case$171.81$144.95
EF9015C- 0.1um, PES, 250mL; 12/Case$205.97$164.95
EF9015B- 0.1um, PES, 500mL; 12/Case$324.99$249.95
EF8221A- 0.2um, PES, 150mL; 12/Case$140.76$114.95
EF8221B- 0.2um, PES, 250mL; 12/Case$173.88$139.95
EF8221C- 0.2um, PES, 500mL; 12/Case$207.00$164.95
EF8221D- 0.2um, PES, 500mL (90mm); 12/Case$327.06$259.95
EF8221E- 0.2um, PES, 1000mL; 12/Case$175.00$154.95
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