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Daigger is committed to being fastest-to-market with new and innovative products for all aspects of the lab. More than 80% of our new items are available on daigger.com before they see the light of day on our competitors' sites. Check here often to see the latest innovations available for your lab.


Magne-Box Magnetic Polycarbonate Cryo-Boxes

  • Magnets securely connect base to hinged lid
  • Boxes fit in standard size freezer racks
  • Slot openings on the bottom allow for drainage



Advantech Sonic Sifter Separator

  • Vertical, oscillating column of air "tried" the particles 60 times per second, and vertical mechanical pulse reorients the particles in the air column
  • Special see-through acrylic-framed sieves help determine proper power level and finish point









Whatman Uniflo Syringe Filters

  • Enable maximum filtrate throughput
  • Individual printing on filter for easy identification
  • Innovative packaging saves benchtop space







Thermo Scientific TSG Series Small Capacity Refrigerators

  • Solid state refrigeration technology
  • Increased capacity - fewer refrigeration components means you can store more in less space
  • Energy Star rated performance for lower operating costs