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Year-Long Specials- Expire 12/31/17

Transferpette S - Free Pipette!

Buy 3 Tranferpette S pipettes, get one FREE

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BRAND HandyStep & Transferpette S

Buy a BRAND HandyStep electronic repeating pipette, get a Transferpette S FREE

macro Pipette Controllers

Buy 2 macro pipette controllers, get 2 FREE

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accu-jet Pro Offer

Buy 3 accu-jet pro pipette controllers, get one FREE

HandyStep S - Free Pipette

Buy $500 worth of PD-Tip syringe tips, get a HandyStep S mechaincal repeating pipette for FREE

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Dispensette S Bottle Top Dispenser

Buy 3 Dispensette S dispensers, get one FREE

Free hand controller or BVC shuttle

Buy a BVC control or professional (regular or "G" versions) and get a second VHC pro hand controller or BVC Shuttle FREE

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Free Lab Rat T-Shirt

Buy $250 worth of BrandTech products and get a FREE

Free Product & T-Shirt

Buy $500, get $100 in BrandTech products plus a Lab Rat T-Shirt FREE



Thumbs Up For Science

Buy 3 Cases of CELLTREAT Products, Get 1 Case FREE! Plus receive a bonus Thumbs Up Sticky Book & Bend-a-Pen Set!

Click Here for Details and Redemption

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Valid on orders placed between 8/14/17 and 9/30/17
Excludes Petri Dishes


Falcon Pipet Free Sample Pack Offer

Experience Falcon Pipets for yourself by requesting a FREE sample pack.

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Two Special Offers on Corning Equipment an PYREX, PYREXPLUS, or PYREX Vista Reusable Glassware - 

Buy $500* of Hot Plates or Stirrers and receive 2 cases of select PYREX Reusable Glassware FREE!

Buy $500* worth of any PYREX, PYREXPLUS, or PYREX VISTA Reusable Glassware Products and receive select Corning Equipment FREE!
*Products must be made on a single Purchase Order and excludes taxes and shipping costs
Valid on purchases made 4/1/17 to 9/30/17 
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The following deals are valid through 12/31/2017

Reference 2 and Research plus 3–, 4- & 6– Packs
Save up to 20% plus receive a FREE carousel stand with 6-Pack
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All-You-Need Pipette Bundle Offer
Save up to 35% off on this specially designed pipetting package - 3 single-channel pipettes (Research Plus or Reference 2), a carousel stand, Repeater M4, Easypet 3, and redeem a FREE 8-Channel Research Plus or Reference 2 Pipette.
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Varispenser and Varispenser Plus Bottletop Dispensers
Save 35% when you purchase the Eppendorf Varispenser and Varispenser plus bottletop dispensers
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PCR Tubes & Tube Strips
Save 25% off list price when you purchase Eppendorf PCR and PCR tube strips
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LoBind Tubes

Save 23% off List price when you purchase a case of Eppendorf Tubes in DNA LoBind or Protein LoBind in PCR Clean purity grade.

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LoBind Plates
Save 23% off list price when you purchase a case of Eppendorf Plates in DNA LoBind or Protein LoBind in PCR Clean p
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Centrifuge 5424 Offer
Special bundle savings on the purchase of a Centrifuge 5424 with 1.5/2.0 mL tube rotor
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Centrifuge 5430/5430R Bundle Offer

Special bundle saving on the purchase of Centrifuge 5430/R* with conical tube rotor package.

Plus redeem 2 FREE cases of conical tubes: 1 case of 15mL and 1 case of 50 mL

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Multipurpose Centrifuge Bundle Offers

Save up to 23% on the purchase of a 5804/R, 5810/R or 5920 R cell culture package.

Plus redeem up to 6 FREE cases of conical tubes with purchase

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Conical Tubes 15 mL or 50 mL Offer
Purchase one case of Eppendorf Conical Tubes and receive 4 of the respective 15 mL or 50 mL Storage Boxes FREE
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ThermoMixer C Offer

Purchase an Eppendorf ThermoMixer C with a plate SmartBlock and redeem a FREE case of plates & ThermoTop.

Plus redeem a FREE case of Eppendorf Microplates, Deepwell Plate, twin.tec PCR plates, or Cell Culture Plates.

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Vacufuge plus Compete System Offer
Purchase an Eppendorf Vacufuge plus complete system and redeem a FREE Eppendorf ThermoMixer F1.5.
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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Offers

Save 33% when you choose a convenient bundle including a substantial discount off list price as well as FREE freezer racks for you chosen model.

Plus redeem tow cases of Eppendorf polypropylene Storage Boxes

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Galaxy CO2 Incubator Offer

Save up to 18% when you choose one of two amazing offers!

Option 1: Receive a FREE stacking kit when you purchase a double stack of the Galaxy 170 S CO2 incubator with high temperature disinfection. With the Double Stack Bundle, also redeem a free case of Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables.

Option 2: Receive a FREE split inner door upgrade when you purchase a single Galaxy 170S CO2 incubator with high temperature disinfection. Includes FREE 4 split inner doors.

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Cell Culture Consumables Offer

Purchase any 4-Pack of Eppendorf 96-well plates and redeem a FREE Repeater E3x electronic pipette 

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Heathrow Stacked logo

Valid through 9/30/17

Click Here for Additional Information

Buy One Get One Equipment Sale! - MIXIT

Buy a Gusto High Speed Centrifuge and receive a FREE Sprout or Vortexer!

Simply use one of the following codes at checkout

  • Green Sprout: MIXIT-GR
  • Yellow Sprout: MIXIT-YL
  • Purple Sprout: MIXIT- PR
  • Vortexer: MIXIT-VORT

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Buy One Get One Equipment Sale! - FILLIT

Buy a RF3000 Pipette Controller and receive a FREE RF100 or Pipette Controller!

Simply use one of the following codes at checkout

  • RF1000: FILLIT-RF
  • Yellow Sprout: FILLIT-PIP

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Buy One Get One Equipment Sale! - SHAKEIT

Buy a Digital Orbital Shaker and receive a FREE Sprout or Vortexer!

Simply use one of the following codes at checkout

  • Green Sprout: SHAKEIT-GR
  • Yellow Sprout: SHAKEIT-YL
  • Purple Sprout: SHAKEIT- PR
  • Vortexer: SHAKEIT-VORT

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ScrubAir Pipette Washer/Dryer
Buy a ScrubAir Pipette Washer/Dryer and receive a FREE case of pipettes!
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