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December Spotlight Specials

All Spotlight Specials are valid until 12/31/16

      Nalgene Versi-Dry Lab Soakers - Save up to 38%
  • Quickly absorb spills with its thousands of Thirsty Cells
  • Cushioned surface minimizes glassware breakage
  • Low-pile flat surface provides stability preventing glassware breakage
  • Polyethylene backing resists harsh chemicals


Product DescriptionList PriceSpotlight Special
EF2172AX- Standard, 20" x 300'; 1/CS$200.00$124.95
EF2172B- Standard, 20" x 100'; 4/CS$326.00$224.95
EF2712CX- Standard Mats, 18"x20"; 350/CS$346.00$219.95
EF2715CX- Super Mats, 18" x 20"; 350/CS$428.00$299.95
EF2715EX- Super Mats, 20" x 43"; 150/CS$586.00$399.95

       Laboratory Notebooks - Up to 50% Savings!
  • Waterproof and Chemically resistant for data recording
  • Useful for legal, laboratory, and experimental data
  • Contains period and conversion tables


Product DescriptionList PriceSpotlight Special
EF16819A- 100-Grid Pages$26.00/EA
$249.00/12 CS
$159.95/ 12 CS
EF16819B- 200-Grid Pages$35.00/EA
$267.00/12 CS
$179.95/12 CS
EF16819- 200-Lined Pages$357.00/12 CS$279.95/12 CS

Activate 10:1 Institutional Bleach Dilution System - Save Over 25%
  • Eliminates the hazards and hassle of daily bleach mixing/measuring
  • Cartridge system automatically provides 10:1 water-to-bleach solution
  • "Lock In" cartridges are extremely easy to install
  • Cleans, spreads, and adheres to surfaces better than ordinary bleach


 Product DescriptionList PriceSpotlight Special
EF5618B- Sprayer Pack; 6/PK$228.00$169.95
EF5618A- Bleach Refills; 12/PK$55.00$39.95
EF5618- 10:1 Bleach Starter KIt$101.00$249.95

Parafilm Sealing Film - Save up to 33%
  • Thermoplastic, self-sealing film
  • Colorless, durable, and moisture proof
  • Ideal for sealing beakers, flasks, tubes, and petri dishes - Molds to almost any surface
  • Wider parafilm seals larger containers such as trays and basins


 Product DescriptionList PriceSpotlight Special
EF9896A- 2" x 250ft; 24/CS$632.00$479.95
EF9896B- 4" x 125ft; 12/CS$321.00$239.95
EF9896C- 20" x 50ft; 6/CS$367.00$249.95
EF9896D- 4" x 250ft; 12/CS$576.00$439.95

Label Tape Color Assortment Pack - Savings of 35%
  • Properly label and organize your lab experiments with different colors of tape
  • Adheres to any clean surface
  • Peels off without leaving a sticky residue
  • Pen, pencil, or marker writing persists even with exposure to hot and cold temperatures


 Product DescriptionList PriceSpotlight Special
EF9763R- 1/2" x 500"; 24/CS$50.00$34.95
EF9764R- 3/4" x 500"'; 16/CS$45.00$29.95
EF9762R-1" x 500"; 12/CS$46.00$29.95

      5mL/15mL/16mm Test Tube Rack - Save 37% Today!
  • Designed with the flexibility to hold 20- 5mL and 20- 15mL tubes or to hold 50- 5mL or 40- 15 mL tubes
  • Unique tear drop shaped openings for better retention of tubes
  • Ergonomic handles for easy use
  • Shelves can be easily rotated to accommodate different tube sizes


Product DescriptionList PriceSpotlight Special
EF18513- Purple/Natural; Each$35.00$21.95
EF18514- Green/Blue; Each$35.00$21.95